[★TRENDING] EXO’s Lay responds to criticism for getting emotional after being betrayed

EXO’s Lay has responded to criticism against him for getting emotional on the latest episode of Go Fighting!

During the episode, Lay got extremely emotional as Sun Honglei betrayed him after the two formed an alliance. Many, including the cast, felt sorry for Lay as he is known to be the innocent and sincere maknae of the show.

However, after the episode aired, many viewers criticized Lay, saying that he took the betrayal way too seriously. They reasoned that since Go Fighting! is a variety show, what Sun Honglei did was just to make the show more interesting and there was no need for Lay to be personally offended by his hyung’s actions.

In response, Lay posted on his Weibo, saying, “Thanks for everyone’s opinion, suggestions, and criticisms. I accept them all. The show is a good show. The hyungs are good hyungs. In terms of my shortcomings, I will slowly learn and grow. Thanks for everyone’s care, and thank you to Go Fighting!”

Source: Weibo