[★TRENDING] EXO’s Lay emotionally shares his thoughts on trust and betrayal

EXO’s Lay got emotional as he shared his thoughts on the topic of broken trust and betrayal.

On the June 21st episode of Go Fighting!, a variety show where the cast members complete various missions, Lay and the other members were given the task of getting the second highest number of gold bars. Although it was an individual mission, near the beginning of the show, Lay formed an alliance with Sun Honglei and they went off to complete the mission together with Sun Honglei driving them around.

However, when the duo stopped over to get lunch, Sun Honglei took advantage of Lay, who went to the washroom, and drove off with Lay’s case of gold bars. Without any money, Lay had to seek donations from fans, tearing up as he rode on the subway to get to his destination (watch at around 45:50 below). He even had to seek comfort by talking to a stranger about the situation (52:58).

After reaching the destination and meeting the other cast members minus Sun Honglei (1:02:25), Lay let out his thoughts and ranted to his hyungs, saying, “I think we really need to have more trust [in each other]!

When Sun Honglei finally arrived to the destination, he immediately looked for Lay; however, Lay tried to avoid him and walked away (1:11:25). After catching up to Lay, Sun Honglei apologized over and over, but Lay commented, “From the moment you took the case of gold bars, you have to be aware of the responsibility and duty that come with taking it.

Lay emotionally continued, “You took the case without my permission, so you don’t have any reason, condition, or privilege to tell me to take it back. I trusted you with the case.

When another cast member tried to help by saying that Sun Honglei was in the wrong, Lay continued to reason, “This is not a matter of right or wrong. This is a matter of principle,” and eventually walked away from the situation.

In the end, the cast members, including Sun Honglei, were moved by Lay’s innocence and sincerity and came together to help him win the mission. Later on, at a press conference held for the show, Sun Honglei asked whether Lay has forgiven him, with Lay answering affirmatively.