EXO’s Tao and GOT7’s Jackson injured during the filming of Idol Star Athletics Championships

Reportedly, Tao of EXO and Jackson of GOT7 are suffering from ankle injuries caused during the filming of the annual MBC 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships.

On February 2nd (KST), MBC’s annual new year’s special episode, Idol Star Athletics Championships, has gathered top idol groups in Korea for the filming. Unfortunately, reports of Tao and Jackson’s ankle injuries from the competition are disheartening and worrying many fans.

SM Entertainment has laster stated on February 3rd (KST), “Tao has been taken care of at the hospital yesterday. His ankle has been treated and he is currently taking a rest at the dorm. Fortunately, it does not seem like a serious injury. However, we are still planning to take a closer examination at the hospital.”

Following on, JYP Entertainment has also reported, “Jackson injured his ankle while running. He has been treated at the scene, yet will be taken to the hospital today for another examination. Fortunately, it does not seem like a serious injury.”

Source: My Daily