F.CUZ reveals PV for 7th Japanese single, “Moichido Dake~Remind~”

On December 16th, F.CUZ revealed the official music video for their seventh Japanese single titled “Moichido Dake~Remind~.”

Beginning with a slow and dramatic piano entrance, the track brings the full emotional force of a winter ballad track. The members’ relaxing vocals enter one by one accompanied by the steadily crescendoing instrumental background. With the piano providing the main support, the strings lead up to the chorus and the members come together in a heart-breaking harmony.

The music video tells an equally moving story, telling the bittersweet breakup of a young couple. The scenes of the story are juxtaposed with shots of the group members singing together in a circle, showing their tight bond and musical chemistry. The dim yet warm color tones of the music video and its use of a handheld camera portray the sadness of the couple at its deepest level.

The release of this track follows their latest Korean activity from September, “Bargaining for Love.”

Check out the ballad track here: