Fans Appreciate Junhyung’s FAST Statement Regarding ABSENCE At Fan Meeting

BEAST’s Junhyung issues an apology for his absence at their fan meeting in Japan and clarified reports about his recent whereabouts. 

On February 22nd, Junhyung posted the apology on his personal Instagram account and revealed the reason behind his absence. According to him, he was feeling ill and was advised to take some medication and rest. Due to his condition, he flew back to South Korea by himself and apologised to their upset fans.

However, he soon faced questions about his questions in South Korea after he was spotted attending Jung Joon Young’s birthday party instead. This was also included in his post as he clarified that he decided to drop by to the party in the early hours, gave his gift and left.

He closed his statement by stating that he takes full responsibility for any misunderstanding and promised to be more considerate to their fans in the future.

The post caught quite a number of attention for his rapid clarification towards the controversy leaving others to compare his gesture to Jang Hyungseung’s “silent” side following allegations about his attitude.

Source: MyDaily

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