Fans Asked To Choose Between Two Beauties of K-Pop: Red Velvet Irene Vs TWICE Tzuyu

Sometimes, K-Pop fans can get lost choosing between two of their favorite idol group members. This time around, fans are being asked to choose who they most prefer in choice of beauty when it comes to these two female idols.

Both Red Velvet‘s Irene and TWICE‘s Tzuyu have been getting growing recognition of their stunning visuals. Thus, on a popular online community, fans were asked to choose their beauty preference between Irene and Tzuyu.

Irene debuted as part of Red Velvet in August 2014 and is currently active as the Music Bank MC alongside actor Park Bo Gum. Additionally, the girl group is said to be preparing for a summer comeback, joining in the plethora of other girl groups who are currently promotion or are preparing for a comeback as well.

TWICE, on the other hand, has been actively promoting their latest title track “Cheer Up” which has dominated the digital chart at the top for the whole month of May. Tzuyu debuted with the group on October 2015 following her participation in SIXTEEN.


Source: Pann