Fans’ Attempt To Defend Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon From Rumors Of Nose Surgery Backfires?

Anti-fans have tried time and time again to prove that Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has had plastic surgery. 

In an attempt to defend the SM Entertainment singer, however, fans posted a gif comparing her face during her debut days to a recent photo. According to fans, the gif shows that her nose looks exactly the same, proving she didn’t have surgery. However, anti-fans pointed out that while Taeyeon’s nose does indeed look similar in both the photos, her eyes look quite different, suggesting that she has had cosmetic procedures to alter their shape.

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In addition to her work as leader and lead vocalist of popular girl group Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon also made her solo debut last year, and most recently released her song “Rain” through SM Station. Check out the music video her “Rain” below:

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