Fans celebrate 4minute’s 2000th day with the tag #2000days_with_4MINUTE

As 4minute celebrates their 2000th day since their debut, fans celebrated with them as they continuously used the tag #2000days_with_4MINUTE  on various social networking sites to showcase their loving support for the five members. 

4minute made their as a five member girl group under Cube Entertainment during June of 2009 with their debut track, “Hot Issue.” As 4Nias celebrated their 2000th day together, some tweeted, “We will always love 4minute,” and attached their favorite photos of them while including the tag #2000_days_with_4MINUTE.

They also celebrated their five year anniversary this year and and personally thanked 4Nias with a special video, showcasing their journey together.

Aside from promoting as a group since their debut, 4minute also committed into individual and unit projects with HyunA promoting as a solo artist back in 2010 which was followed by 2YOON which includes Gayoon and Jiyoon.

4minute focuses on their individual activities at the moment after wrapping up promotions for they last track, “Whatcha Doin’ Today.”

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