Fans Claim BTS’ Latest Comeback Teaser Photos Might Be The BEST EVER

With their comeback scheduled for early may, male group BTS teased fans by releasing several photos to build up the anticipation. 

And while teaser photos usually build anticipation by hinting at the concept for the upcoming music video or album, netizens were overwhelmed by just how beautiful the Big Hit Entertainment singers’ teaser photos were. With wonderful lighting to accentuate the members’ unique charms and visuals.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!

bts 1

bts 2

bts 3

bts 4

bts 5

bts 6

bts 7

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bts 12

bts 13

bts 14

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bts 16

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bts 18

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bts 21

bts 22

bts 23

bts 24

bts 25

bts 26

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“Woah I love the colors..”

“Woah.. not even a fan but this is awesome. I bet their fans are so happy

“Woah… so beautiful..”

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