Fans discover the hottest new Lovestagram couple: G-Dragon and T.O.P

Fans have been going wild over the latest duo that has been caught with a Lovestagram.

The Lovestagram concept is one that revolves around a public or private couple sharing similar photos on their respective Instagram accounts, hinting a romantic relationship. However, the discovery of this Lovestagram has gotten fans talking nonstop. In fact, it is none other than BIGBANG’s own G-Dragon and T.O.P!

The two are not only known for being close but also for consistently updating their fans via the photo-sharing platform. Check out some of the hilarity that fans have compiled below:

gd top2

gd top4


gd top 3

gd top 3b

d top 11

gd top 5

gd top 6

gd top 7

gd top 8

gd top 9

gd top 10

gd top 12

gd top 14


gd top 15

gd top 16

gd top 17

gd top 18

gd top 19

gd top 20

gd top 24

gd top 25  


gd top 23


gd top 27

dg top 26

Source: Instiz