Fans discover Tiffany and Jessica Jung sharing the same back-up dancer in respective solo MVs

If there is one Girls’ Generation’s fans are good at, it is for being observant. In recent updates, it was discovered a certain similarity between Tiffany and former member Jessica Jung’s music video. 

As Tiffany released her solo debut music video “I Just Wanna Dance” on May 10th, fans cannot help but compare it to former member Jessica Jung’s teaser videos for “Fly.” With their investigation, they have found out that aside from filming in California, United States, the two coincidentally shared a certain back-up dancer.

This allowed fans to check not only Tiffany and Jessica’s respective Instagram account, but also of the their respective back-up dancers and found that dancer and choreographer Jenn Stafford did in fact appear in both music videos.

Interesting coincidences, right?

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