Fans discuss which idol is prettier: Joy vs Taeyeon

Netizens gather to discuss their honest opinions regarding beauty of Joy and Taeyeon to decide whose beauty proves superior on a popular Korean community forum called Pann.

Although many fans do not favor in comparing who is better looking amongst idols, it is a discussion that cannot be stopped amongst netizens. Especially comparing idols that have similar features, it is an endless discussion that fans discuss. But are netizens actually starting to become reasonable and rational regarding these comparisons instead of pushing for their biases?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens gather to discuss whether Joy or Taeyeon is prettier.

Titled “Is Joy Prettier Than Taeyeon?” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“I’m not an anti-fan and love both Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation. I thought Taeyeon was always prettier but my friend keeps claiming that Joy is way prettier T_T 

So I’m asking out of curiosity

Thumbs up for Joy

Thumbs down for Taeyeon”

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[ +62 / -7] I don’t think we can tell yet righ? Taeyeon was not always this pretty when she first made her debut. She was cute and pretty but not this pretty. Who know if Joy will get even prettier in few years since she is still a baby.

[ +41 / -3] Taeyeon is traditional pretty and Joy is like very cleanly(?) pretty. I think it is because when she smiles. Anyways, they are both pretty so don’t post this or it will cause fights.

[ +41 / -20] Taeyeon is so pretty..

[ +22 / 0] They look so different. They are pretty in different ways.

[ +21 / 0] Don’t post something like this. Fans will get mad 🙁

[ +20 / -1] Both are freaking pretty

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