Fans excited at the idea of BIGBANG holding a guerrilla concert for 10th year anniversary

Has it been ten years? Well, if you don’t believe it, BIGBANG is already preparing their 10th anniversary surprise for their loyal fans! 

On May 19th, it was widely reported that BIGBANG will be holding guerrilla performances next week with an exact time and place yet to be disclosed. YG Entertainement, BIGBANG’s agency, were quick to clarify the reports by saying that they cannot disclose any confirmation given the format of the concert.

With BIGBANG making their debut in 2006, expectations are high that BIGANG will be celebrating their tenth year with a guerrilla event.

Currently, T.O.P is in Germany for filming commitments while the rest of the members were busy meeting their fan with various events in Japan.

Source: Dispatch