Fans Excited To See Park Jin Young’s COMEBACK MV Featuring Conan O’Brien And Steve Yeun

Singer and producer Park Jin Young recently released teaser images for his comeback featuring recreations of his past stage outfits. 

And after seeing the hilarious photos, netizens praised the artist and businessman for his youthful and healthy appearance as well as his star power. In fact, in addition to the hilarious teaser photos, the JYP Entertainment founder and artist also revealed that Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun would be featured in the music video for his upcoming song “Fire,” earning him much praise from netizens.

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[ +389 / -6] Pretty boss comeback for a CEO of an agency

[ +214 / -10] I guess this is the music video he took with Conan O’brien.. The media play mentioning U.S. is the way to do it hahahha

[ +169 / -8] Are they aiming for another success following Gangnam Style after filming with Conan and Steven Yeun?

Source: OSEN