Fans express concern for Chaeyeon following DIA’s quick comeback announcement

After promoting their first mini-album Happy Ending a few months ago, it seems like DIA is preparing for a surprise comeback with a Harry Potter theme. 

On August 12th, DIA started the teasing by releasing a photo announcing the release of “Mr. Potter” on September 12th. The teaser image was also surrounded by the members and their fingers having a Harry Potter theme as their nail art.

The comeback announcement immediately gained attention for the concept used as the Harry Potter franchise attracts worldwide popularity because of its books and movies. “Mr. Potter” is described to be a track about a little witched attracted to Harry Potter and will be released as a homage for the franchise.

However, fans have expressed their concerned for member Chaeyeon, who aside from promoting with DIA, is also balancing her schedule with I.O.I’s activities and individual activities. Fans commented that if Chaeyeon is being overworked for her overlapping promotions.
Image: OSEN / DIA’s Instagram

Source: OSEN