Fans rave over CL’s cute Instagram post for friend stylist Xin

2NE1’s CL kept her fans guessing with her relationship status after a post dedicated to her stylist and industry friend Xin was posted. 

On January 11th, CL sparked talks amongst her fans once more with an Instagram update mentioning her good friend and stylist, Xin. On the post titled “Always,” CL tagged Xin with a capture of their video conversation, leading fans to react on their close relationship.

Since the photos was posted, fans left positive messages admiring their friendship, while others already endorsed a “ship” on the two for their public updates.

Up until recently, CL has been reaching out to her friends and families with captures of their video conversations. As seen on her Instagram updates, the singer has been dedicating posts not only to Xin, but towards her sister, Haerin. Xin, on the other hand, is a known friend of CL, along with G-Dragon, Lee Soo Hyuk and more.

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