Fans react to D.O’s unconventional professionalism during EXO’s “Growl” performance

D.O shows that his professionalism in the most unconventional way after fans found out how he managed to perform with EXO on a slippery stage. 

Recently, EXO held a concert in Nanjing, China. However, as the show progressed fans cannot help but notice how D.O temporarily took his shoes off and danced only wearing his socks after making a few slips because of a slippery stage conditions.

Performing “Growl,” D.O managed to slip off his shoes before the members noticed what he had done. He was able to change into better footwear, however, af her the group took a short break before continuing their performances.

The concert continued with no other slips on stage, but fans revelled at the thought of a few candid moments of D.O through their videos and photos.

Source: Dramafever

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