Fans speculate Girls’ Generation Sunny’s latest post is a reply to Jessica

On December 2nd, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny posted an Instagram post with a message that led many netizens to believe it was directed towards former member Jessica Jung.

Jessica Jung held an impromptu Q&A via her Weibo on December 1st where she posted some comments that had fans wondering whether they pertained to Girls’ Generation. The comments that stood out were “The truth always comes out in the end” and “Honesty will always get you farther in life than lies ever could.”

The following day, Sunny posted a bright picture of her smiling which came with a long heart warming caption that fans speculate to be a reply on Jessica’s post. On the said update, she revealed that,  “I wanted to give you a nice selca…hahaha I really really missed you…however I’m worried about what I should say..but we just…let’s not talk about dark and heavy things. Let us beautifully understand each other’s hearts and accept it and move on. Let’s laugh together. As always, I love you unchangingly~S♡NE. To the most grateful people in my life..I will continue to defend this position. Even if it gets difficult will be enough to just look at our S♡NE‘s. It will also be enough to rely on my members. Let’s live happily. I love you♡ Let’s be happy ♡♡ #Girlsgenerationplussonesareone #weareone.”

Since leaving Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung has been busy with activities for her fashion label, BLANC & ECLARE, along with speculations of a possible solo career.