Fans Vote For The K-Pop Idol With The Best “Bob” Style Haircut With Unexpected Results

Although most female idols prefer having long hair, short hairstyles such as the bob cut has also become incredibly popular lately. 

In fact, some of the industry’s top stars including Girl’s Day‘s HyeriLovelyz‘s Jin, and AOA‘s Choa have become notorious for looking fabulous in short hair. In a recent vote to determine the idol with the best bob cut, however, fans were shocked after it was revealed that the winner wasn’t among the aforementioned female idols, but that the title was instead awarded to SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan.

1 bob cut

2 bob cut

3 jeonghan

4 jeonghan

5 jeonghan

6 jeonghan

7 jeonghan

Jeonghan’s group SEVENTEEN recently made a comeback with their latest song “Pretty U.” Check out the Pledis Entertainment group’s music video below:

Source: Instiz