Fans wish for YG Entertainment’s “Who’s Next” teaser to be 2NE1’s comeback

With YG Entertainment teasing fans for their “Who’s Next” poster, netizens cannot help but question if it pertains to a possible 2NE1 comeback.

For the past few days, YG Entertainment ha been teasing fans with a number of posters asking “Who’s Next.” However, as the poster pertains to a possible release date on November 21st at 21:00 KST, fans and netizens alike cannot help but wonder if the the coincidences in the use of the numbers 21, pertains to girl group 2NE1.

It is particularly evident to their respective social media accounts where their official pages were flooded with 2NE1-related queries since the teasers were posted.

Meanwhile, the group has been gathering a bit of talk recently after Yang Hyun Suk posted a personal post celebrating 2NE1’s sixth year anniversary, which was followed by news of Bom’s public sighting at their agency’s headquarters.

Aside from 2NE1, however, YG Entertainment has also previous confirmed WINNER’s return, along with news of their official Instagram page, and PSY’s comeback.

Image: YG Entertainment's Facebook
Image: YG Entertainment’s Facebook

Source: Daily Sports