[★FEATURE] K-Pop Idols First Tweets: BTOB, miss A, and Infinite – Week 3

We are back with our third batch of K-Pop idols’ very first tweets! Last week, we featured the first tweets ever made by the members of B.A.P, 2NE1, and Block B. This week we bring to you the first posts of the Infinite, miss A, and BTOB members! Come join us on this journey down memory lane!


1. Peniel on April 3, 2012

Is it just me or is him saying, “But I am not going to be using it for now,” hilarious?! It just sounds so funny and cute!!! Now he updates it pretty often! (P.S. – note the typo, it’s too adorable!)

2. Changsub on September 1, 2013

▶ Translation: Now I’m even talking to myself, hihi.

Changsub, don’t feel lonely! You have so many fans and friends on Twitter! Specifically, 167,448 followers!!!

3. Ilhoon on September 1, 2013

▶ Translation: Hi, my Melodies! I’ve now started my own personal Twitter, hihi! Thank you for loving us!^^

Aww, can you imagine just how excited he was to begin his first Twitter account? If I were him, I would have felt so nervous and ecstatic!

4. Sungjae on September 1, 2013

▶ Translation: Hello^^ I’ll be uploading lots of pictures. Oh! And did everyone listen to our audio teaser for our follow-up tracks~ keke You’re curious, aren’t you? I got to listen to them all…! BTOB daebak!

Look at that selca! It’s the first selfie he shared to his fans through Twitter! What a special moment… do you guys remember the moment you first saw this photo?

5. Minhyuk on September 2, 2013

▶ Translation: Hi, I’m here^^ Who’s been waiting for me?

We’ve all been waiting for you, you handsome fella! Look at his gorgeous selca… who can resist that charm?!

6. Hyunsik on September 4, 2013

▶ Translation: It is so nice going up on stage and seeing our Melody after such a long time 😀 BTOB’s Thriller, let’s do well!! Fighting!!!

I’m sure the Melodies were happy to see you, too!!

7. Eunkwang on September 5, 2013

▶ Translation: Hello, everyone kekeke The weather is nice~~ whoo whoo, let’s go on a picnic!!!!!!!

Can you just imagine going on a picnic with the BtoB members? I would die of happiness!!


miss A

1. Min on August 30, 2010

▶ Translation: @2AMkwon Yo!!!!!! I finally started Twitter!! +_+ FOLLOW MEEEEE

Min’s very first tweet was to 2AM’s Jo Kwon!! Their friendship is so strong.
Were you excited to see Min join Twitter?

2. Suzy on August 30, 2010

▶ Translation: Me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started, woohoo

Suzy is so adorable! She was so young back when she started this account, now she’s all grown up with almost three million followers!

3. Fei on September 28, 2010

▶ Translation: Why is this so difficult~~~~ It’s hard, it’s hard~ ㅠㅠ

It’s okay, Fei, you’ll get the hang of it!!

4. Jia on September 16, 2013

▶ Translation: http://youtu.be/4iSuWsuDors LA DANCE with missA!!! Fighting

Jia looks so amazing for MLB’s apparel! The video link Jia tweeted about as her very first tweet shows her awesome dance skills!



1. L on August 10, 2010


Only three words, yet so full of impact. He’s indeed Infinite’s L, full of charisma!

2. Sungyeol on August 10, 2010

▶ Translation: Wow… Twitter is hardㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m going to use it often from now on~! But I don’t feel well.. ugh

Oh, please… Twitter is not hard for you! You’re so pro at it now! But please… don’t get sick or hurt, your fans care a lot about you. ㅠㅠ

3. Sungjong on August 10, 2010

▶ Translation: Hello~^^ This is Infinite’s youngest member Sungjong~hehe Please give (us) lots of love from now on~ <3 <3

The youngest member of Infinite? You’ve come such a long way since 2010. So proud of you, Sungjong!

4. Woohyun on August 10, 2010

▶ Translation: Hello ~.~ I have finally become able to start Twitter. Clap clap clap

Yay~ *Clap clap clap* Welcome to Twitter, gorgeous boy! You’re the last of the crew who started Twitter on August 10, 2010!!!

5. Hoya on August 12, 2010

▶ Translation: Just got back from Sokcho… being on stage is always delightful! kekeke

It’s very sweet of the members to be saying how delightful it is to stand on stage in front of their fans. So touching! :’)

6. Sunggyu on June 27, 2013

▶ Translation: Hello. This is Sungkyu. What happened recently was not a controversy, nor was it a misunderstanding. All records show that it was solely my fault. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt and disappointed by the prudent words I have spoken. I will deeply reflect upon my actions and learn to raise more awareness towards respecting others.

It looks like Sunggyu’s first tweet was meant for something just a tad bit more meaningful… it’s an apology towards the media and public for his past controversy. At least we can always cherish this first Tweet to look back on how mature and humble he was and how he promised to reflect upon his mistakes. So proud of you, Gyu!

7. Dongwoo on July 17, 2014

▶ Translation: I’m so sorryㅠ It’s been so long since I’ve made an account… I even tried inputting my e-mail address and everything, but it’s finally working!~.~ Let’s now open up the closet to conversations, nyaha huhu. Today it seems like everyone cheering me on to “be strong” is cuter than other times. Kyakya. I wonder why you all look cuter!?!?

Though he’s late to the game as he joined Twitter in the middle of this year, Dongwoo has been interacting with his fans constantly through his account. Were you excited to see him finally joint the Twitter world?!


Stay tuned for next week’s batch of new K-Pop Idols’ first tweets!