[★FEATURE] Throwback Tracks Thursday: 2nd week of November

It’s finally Throwback Tracks Thursday! Come along as we take a trip down memory lane with some of the top hits from 2005-2009.

Last week we visited the first week of November from 2005 all the way to 2009. Let’s continue our journey with the second week of November.


Lee Hyori feat. Teddy – “Anyclub”

Anyone remember when flip phones were all the rage? At number 2 this week in 2005 was Lee Hyori’s single for Anycall’s CF, which had a 2 part story to it.


Kim Jong Kook and SG Wannabe – “Only the Wind”

In 2006 Kim Jong Kook collaborated with SG Wannabe to bring this emotional ballad which hit number 2 on the charts that week in November.


Big Mamma – “Betrayal”

The soulful voices of Big Mamma took the number 2 spot with this ballad in 2007.


BIGBANG – “Sunset Glow”

In 2008 BIGBANG took us down memory lane trip by remaking Lee Moon Sae‘s “Sunset Glow.” Now here we are, highlighting it 6 years later!


Brown Eyed Girls – “Sign”

In 2009 Brown Eyed Girls rose to the number 2 spot with this catchy track, sign sign dot dot dot.

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