[★FEATURE] Top 10 Moments of Running Man Episode #218

On episode 218 of Running Man, the members, along with their guests Kim Ji  Hoon, Oh Yeon Soo, and Apink’s Jung Eunji embark on a musical concourse race, where they fought for a performing spot. Who will be the sole musical genius that will take the show in this great musical concourse? Warning: Spoilers Ahead

1. Kwang Soo, the Musical Genius
At the beginning, Kwang Soo lured the crowds with his “beautiful” violin playing. Though he played with his heart (so fervently that his bow started losing its strings), the discordant tunes didn’t quite relay the same feeling.

At least he gets an A for effort?

2. Kim Ji Hoon’s and Ji Hyo’s heated piano battle 

Who doesn’t love a good piano competition? These two challenged each other, playing in likeness to Jay Chou’s infamous piano scene in Secret. However, they were playing so intensely that their fingers starting emitting smoke!

Perhaps they should be called the “Flaming Fingered Duo”.

RM Jihoon-Jihyo piano battle


3. Jae-Pavarotti arises

Accompanying Oh Yeon Soo’s harp playing, Jae-Pavarotti sings, with his “world renown voice”. Strangely though, all of the songs’ melodies he sung transformed into the rhythm of “This Moment”.

Perhaps he needs to study under Pavarotti’s guidance a bit more ㅋㅋ

RM 218 Jaesuk singing

4. Sukjin’s hairdye error

Ah…*cue Suk Jin’s theme song*

In his enthusiasm to test out the ceiling hung keyboard, Suk Jin jumped a bit too hard, and from this, left a black imprint on the keys where his head hit. -sigh-

RM 218 sukjin's hairdye


5. Animal Training Eunji

In an effort to keep everyone on the same beat, Eunji became the composer for their group mission. With this, she was instructing Suk Jin on when to hit the overhead drum. As she was teaching him with an arm sweeping motion (with him following), Jae Suk commented how it looked like she was an animal trainer.

With great power comes great responsibility…

6. Ji Hoon’s eyebrow lifting surprise

 Ji Hoon, after missing a drum beat, was succumbed to Running Man’s wrath, where, as punishment, they decided to take off his shoes, and ultimately revealed a shocking pair of air lifts! Haha even joked how he didn’t even wear insoles as thick as Ji Hoon’s.

RM 218 Jihoon insoles


7. Suk Jin’s New Fashion Statement

 Speaking of punishments, the members decided to graciously punish Sukjin for his mistake during their group music challenge. By this, we mean stripping him of his clothes, leaving him with a simple shirt and makeshift frontal coverage skirt.

 Do we foresee a new fashion trend for men this season?


RM 218 Sukjin's skirt


8. Kwang Soo Mario hopping his way across the keyboard

 We both couldn’t think of why Kwang Soo’s jumps throughout the game seemed so familiar…until it hit us.

Doesn’t Kwang Soo remind you of a certain red capped plumber, who jumps for 1up mushrooms and coins? ㅋㅋㅋ

RM 218 Kwangsoo mario jump


9. Jae Suk tricking Suk Jin

 In the midst of all this race’s nervousness and excitement, Jae Suk spotted Suk Jin, and immediately grabbed him while covering his mouth, pushing him into an empty room. Asking Suk Jin, “You want to know who the culprit is right?” Suk Jin tacitly answered Jae Suk with scared eyes. However, Jae Suk responded, “Yea, me too,” and lets Suk Jin go.

RM 218 Jaesuk pranking Sukjin


10. Kwang Soo’s 99:1 ratio

 Kwang Soo, in an effort to prove his innocence, blindly blurted how he is a babo 99 percent of the time, and a genius the other 1% of the time. Ji Hoon agreed, saying that’s how Kwang Soo got his genius violin abilities hehe.

RM 218 Kwangsoo 99-1

What were your favorite moments in this episode? Who do you think is the true musical genius?