[★FEATURE] Weekly K-Pop Celebrity Instagram Roundup: January Week 3

From food porn to the hottest selcas, catch the best snapshots of your favorite idols for the 3rd week of January right here! With the month almost over, take the time to catch up on what the idols were up to in the beginning of January.

Most Delicious

T-ara Qri [instagram://x1it_WFOD7]

KARA Seungyeon [instagram://x6cd_uPEBp]

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung [instagram://x603MsLVgq]

Most Hilarious

BESTie Hyeyeon [instagram://x2zMCrAjnl]

Super Junior Heechul [instagram://x8QIukI-Vo]

Miss A Jia [instagram://xwaNOoCODm]

Most Handsome

U-Kiss Kevin [instagram://yCoC6sqK5T]

GOT7 Yugyeom [instagram://x6rkXqQicb]

JYJ Jaejoong [instagram://yBJLhGkntv]

>Most Beautiful

After School Nana [instagram://x_R257j09a]

Rainbow Jaekyung [instagram://x4KKWtAy2E]

T-ara Soyeon [instagram://xuJ9XkB3Be]

Most Adorbs

Super Junior Siwon [instagram://x4L62fivZ-]

AKMU Chanhyuk [instagram://x_Ih5iD5gj]

B.A.P Zelo [instagram://xdcyQ5OX26]

Most Promotional

4Minute Gayoon [instagram://x8xCAErjNS]

Giriboy [instagram://x25M5pS8y9]

Nine Muses’ Kyungri [instagram://xwKLoaS6c-]

Most Interesting Duo

F.T. Island & G.NA [instagram://yCi8YQyn4j]

Jung Joonyoung & Block B Zico [instagram://xbRRzVghjO]

Eric Nam & Hong Jin Young [instagram://x0i49ZBcdz]