[★FEATURE] Weekly K-Pop celebrity Instagram Roundup: November Week 2

As Halloween has passed and fall is in its last month, K-Pop stars are seen continuously working hard, collaborating with unique partners, eating well, or simply looking gorgeous despite the constant busy schedules that come with being a celebrity. We’ve collected some of the best snapshots from your favorite idols, so take a look here!

Most Delicious

Miss A Fei [instagram://vA0Uz5Pb2b]

Gray [instagram://vEGbxJlIyF]

BESTie Hyeyeon [instagram://vJUVFRgjsY] [instagram://vJtoq1gjjl]

Most Hilarious

ZE:A Hyungsik [instagram://vDVJ5VhySI] [instagram://vDSP1QByf3]

Super Junior-M Henry [instagram://vIIO6WQHSB]

C-Clown Rome [instagram://u2p2t6itfM]

Most Handsome

Super Junior Donghae [instagram://vD_m1-F8GS]

GOT7 Mark [instagram://vD1zqEJhfP]

EXO-K Chanyeol [instagram://vNvVkpLmRs]

Most Beautiful

Rainbow Yoonhye [instagram://vNoUouJHr0]  [instagram://vA6uaQpHkM]

Girls’ Generation Yuri [instagram://u2GizhNZJI]

Nine Muses’ Kyungri [instagram://vNI8wgS6SR]  [instagram://vNNr73S6ZZ]

Most Adorbs

KARA Goo Hara [instagram://vBN8Qzp1Pc]

Haru [instagram://vNDDHMNOwv]

EXO-M Tao [instagram://vD-CQRBPfA] [instagram://vIoUalhPXL]

Most Promotional

Lee Jongsuk for most recent SBS drama “Pinocchio” [instagram://vDubdVyjRD] [instagram://vDw4utSjUD]

Lunches brought from fans for SECRET Jieun’s latest solo comeback “25” [instagram://vIDm_vPo_J]

G.na’s makeup gift from Yves Saint Laurent [instagram://vDJrRbiFp6]

Most Interesting Duos

Megan Lee & B1A4’s Sandeul [instagram://u7IUNSBfuN]

Dynamic Duo & Park Junghyun (Lena Park) [instagram://vH4lqIriit]

EXO-M Lay & actor Song Seungheon [instagram://vLTu8YuTNk]

BONUS: f(x) Amber congratulating Krystal with the end of “My Lovely Girl” [instagram://vA4xkit-sn]