[★FEATURE] Weekly K-Pop celebrity Instagram Roundup: November Week 3

This past week was more eventful than most prior weeks; with award shows coming up, young idols taking the CSAT, and more comebacks taking place during the last month of fall, many of your favorite biases have updated Instagram with the best snapshots. Take a look at our list below, and let us know what you think!

Most Delicious:

Girls’ Generation Tiffany [instagram://vP_rc3GOIt]

2AM Jokwon [instagram://vN_F7Jyqn3]

Davichi Kang Minkyung [instagram://vLYZWGg8MH]

Most Hilarious:

15& Park Jimin [instagram://vadM4Op6g0]

Rainbow Jaekyung [instagram://vWFBx4Ayxt]

Super Junior Siwon [instagram://vXKtmeivXK]

Most Handsome:

BAP Daehyun [instagram://veHZW7pNok]

INFINITE L [instagram://vdn_qko8qy]

EXO-K Sehun [instagram://vcy-bgrkMz]

Most Beautiful:

Lydia Paek [instagram://vRV4qeomTs]

Baek Ahyeon [instagram://vPn6rHhJ_W]

Miss A Fei [instagram://vUr4VHvbyS]

Most Adorbs:

Super Junior Leeteuk [instagram://veKlWeqNjH]

Miss A Suzy [instagram://vYDrdTwC-w]

G.na (goodbye message to manager of 4 years) [instagram://veG9y1CFnf]

Most Promotional:

Son Yeonjae – Euskal Gym 2014 in Spain performance [instagram://vJC8_MMS9b]

Lee Jongsuk – D-1 to release of 1st episode for SBS “Pinocchio” [instagram://vQuRQvyjQB]

GOT7 Jackson – support from SBS “Roommate” for GOT7’s comeback [instagram://vfP_GxndZJ]

Most Interesting Duos:

Sunmi & makeup artist Ham Kyungsik [instagram://vQxCz4NA0F]

AOMG crew (Loco, Jay Park, Simon D, Grey, & DJ Pumpkin) [instagram://vUEaI7EnYi]

Crush & Zion T [instagram://vWY5sLySt_]


Happy Birthday to Eric Nam! [instagram://vfWqIJBcaS]