[★BREAKING] Female K-Pop Idol “C” CONFESSES To Prostitution Charges In Recent SEX SCANDAL

Korean media reports that female idol C admits to prostitution charges in recent scandal

Earlier, we reported that female idol C was involved in a massive prostitution scandal in which she received tens of thousands of dollars for at least three meetings with 45 year old Korean American CEO and businessman identified as M Choi living in Los Angeles, USA. Although the female idol was only identified as C, it wasn’t hard for netizens and fans to realize which artist it was as her age and former entertainment agency was revealed by the media. Even the music video of G.Na’s “2Hot” was played on one of the programs when talking about the issue.

When female idol C was first called in for questioning by the police, she denied all allegations claiming that she was offered such a deal for prostitution but rejected the offer as soon as she heard it.

It was revealed that female idol C sat down with Korean media Ilgan Sports and admitted to her allegations in recent prostitution scandal.

Stay tuned for the full exclusive interview with female idol C.

Source: Korean Economy