Female model in WINNER’s “EXIT” teaser describes Mino as a “good kisser”

Mino finally shares his thoughts about his intense kissing scene on his solo video teaser for WINNER’s comeback. 

A day after the teaser was originally released, Mino met with fans for a livestream interview and was asked about the kissing scene in the short clip, revealing that he was personally committed whilst filming it.

Talking about it live on air with his fans watching, Mino admitted that, “It was real acting. I was 200% committed.” The members also revealed that Mino was also dubbed as a “good kisser” after the model was asked what she thought about the rapper.

Since the video was released, Mino has been terrorised by fans for the intense scene and flooded his personal Instagram account with reactions about it.

Meanwhile, the teasers were released as part of Mino and Taehyun’s special single “Pricked” ahead of WINNER’s official comeback.

Source: XSportsNews