Female netizens discuss most attractive traits in men

Female netizens discuss which male traits they all agree are necessary or preferred

Originally titled “All Women Will Agree,” female netizens discuss what percentage of women prefer certain traits on men.

Here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Starting from all of my friends, people I know and women in all of Korea, everyone prefers these traits on men except some individuals”

gary kiss

1. Guys with nice voices (100% agreed)


– A guy with a ordinary face feels different if he has a nice voice. Especially one of those mid-level voices are really preferred among women.

2. Guys with manners (100% agreed)

gary manners

– I think both men and women prefer their partners to have manners. No matter how much you like the person, it won’t last if they don’t have manners.. really

3. Guys who take good care of girls (100% agreed)


– If a guy takes care of you even the slightest details, girls love it. Especially when guys take care of girls going through that time of the month, stress and time of sensitivity, girls’ hearts will explode…. But it is a no if a guy that they don’t like does that.

4. Guys who dress well (99% agreed)

gary dress

– Girls go crazy if the guys dresses really well in the style they prefer

5. Guys who smell good (98% agreed)


– There are not that many guys who smell good. Many of them smell like sweat or cigarettes. But if they smell like clean laundry and really good smell, they really look lovely. But no overuse of male cologne.

6. Guys who compliment often (99% agreed)

gary jihyo

– Girls feel good when guys compliment. It is good to directly get complimented but it is even better hearing it through a friend. It feels better because it is as if the friends are also jealous too.

7. Guys who stay in contact (100% agreed)

gary phone

– Guys who stay in contact wherever they are or whoever they meet is a turn on. I know it may sound clingy but girls love it when a guy stays in contact really good because they feel as if they can trust them well.

8. Guys that can comfort you (97% agreed)

gary jihyo11

– No matter if the girl is on the right or the wrong, it is a turn on if the guys stays on her side. Especially if the guy is by the girl’s side when she needs someone to cry on or depend on, the girl find it a turn on. Girls are really observing of even the smallest things and are thankful for even the slightest details.

+ Addition

9. Guys who have protruding veins in their hands (97% agreed)

gary hands

– If the guy has veins in their hands normally or while lifting something heavy, the girls love it. But there are some cases girls don’t like the veins but most of the girls love it.

+ Addition


Of course girls feel turned on by the guy’s “face” the most. There are probably no girls or guys who don’t look at face. All of the traits I have listed above probably won’t work for an ugly guy. It is basically true that face is important whether you are a girl or a guy so read the list above as if the guy is handsome.

[ +82 / -5] No matter how good the voice is, it doesn’t make up for their apperance;;;;

[ +44 / -1] Yes, I really get nervous for smell, smiles and the way they talk more than their looks

[ +16 / -1] hahahahaha the most important thing is, the guy has to do all those things above only to me!

Source: PannYoutube

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