[★VIDEO] Female rappers contending for “Unpretty Rapstar 2” confirmed

Unpretty Rapstar is ready for round two in September as they release a preview of their confirmed female contenders. 

Earlier today, Mnet confirmed that 11 female rappers will be contending on Unpretty Rapstar 2 which is set to air on September 11th. The identities of the some of the female rappers were also included in the short teaser which featured Jessi’s famous line from the previous season saying, “We are not a team. This is a competition.” 

As the teaser was released, it was also confirmed that female rapper Kasper is confirmed to have joined filming for Unpretty Rapstar and joined other members Yubin, Hyorin, Ahn Soomin, Kilme, Yezi and more.

This was a follow-up to previous speculations that a YG Entertainment trainee and other rappers were rumoured to join the show.

Source: DailySports