FIESTAR returns with sexy chair choreography in “You’re Pitiful” MV

Multi-national girl group FIESTAR has finally released their anticipated comeback music video “You’re Pitiful” along with their first mini-album Black Label on March 4th.

Unlike their past tracks which are usually energetic with fast paced beats, FIESTAR returned with a “super upgraded music and visual,” displaying not only their top-graded looks but vocals as well.

“You’re Pitiful” is an urban style track that features a catchy chorus you won’t be able to get enough of mixed with a mellow melody. Written by Shinsadong Tiger and composed by Batter #4, the lyrics tell the story of a girl’s mixed feelings when seeing her ex-boyfriend trying to get her back.

Incorporating a chair along with the loving boyfriend as the male dancers into the choreography, FIESTAR reveals a completely different side to them in this comeback.