FIESTAR teaches the sexy chair choreography for “You’re Pitiful”

After their recent comeback, FIESTAR features on 1theK’s Let’s Dance to teach fans the point choreography to “You’re Pitiful.”

The song caught attention for its sexy chair choreography and now viewers can dance along with the help from this special tutorial.

After introducing themselves and their latest release, their first mini-album Black Label which dropped on March 4th, the girls share the storyline of the track.

Through a continuation of their skit, the girls teach the main dance moves including the “Wave Dance,” “Pity-Pat Dance,” and “Question Mark Dance.” Despite the adorable and playful appearances they have during the acting segments, the ladies turn their charms up as they showcase the alluring and irresistible chair dance.

The members then even discuss their stories after having been together for three years. The five girls are all laughs as they reminisce on funny episodes as a group and make a toast.

Learn the dance here: