FIESTAR’s Linzy greets fans with her new Instagram account

Among many other idols who are continuously joining Instagram, FIESTAR’s Linzy joins the crowd with a welcoming message to her fans.

On March 17th, Linzy of FIESTAR became one of many idols who decided to join Instagram. In order to get closer with fans, Linzy created her own Instagram account with a welcoming message to all her fans.

Through her first post on her newly made account, the artist made a video for her fans saying, “Haiyo, I made Instagram too!! Is it working..?” Additionally, the idol showed off her adorable aegyo in the video as she begans her journey on Instagram. 

FIESTAR recently came back with their music video, “You’re Pitiful” along with their first mini album, Black Labelwhich was released on March 4th.

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