Five Girls’ G.NA and Hyosung reunite again for “Dream Team”

Solo artists G.NA and SECRET‘s Hyosung gathered together again recently for filming together!

The two were former members of girl group Five Girls, who were supposed to debut under Good Entertainment in 2007, with the other members being After School’s UEEWonder Girls‘ Yubin, and SPICA’s Jiwon.

G.NA and Hyosung have had a long-lasting friendship since then, as the two of them also had a memorable catchup last year when both of them were promoting their solo schedules at the same time.

Both ladies reunited on May 24th for filming of KBS variety show Dream Team, as revealed by Hyosung in her posts’ captions, and shared their cheerful selcas on each of their personal Instagram accounts.

While Hyosung is currently having her solo promotions with title track “Into You,” many are speculating if G.NA’s return on television is an indication of a nearing comeback, after one year of hiatus since her last digital single “Pretty Lingerie.” It was also previously reported that G.NA was preparing for her sixth mini-album planned for May.