Flashfinger drops epic “Owl Vision After Movie” MV

Flashfinger brings back an epic EDM music video for “Owl Vision After Movie” that shows off the hype nightlife of Korea.

Right from the very beginning, this video has a hype electronic beat.The main synth and beat blast through as we see Flashfinger leads the massive crowd to having a great time at a club.

Suddenly the beat melts away, allowing for a rather beautiful synth to take over, and an audience member lifts up his hand. Flashfinger fist pumps to excite the crowd and get them moving.

The beat suddenly picks up for the impending base drop. Wearing black sunglasses and a black shirt to match, Flashfinger is definitely the master of the stage as the camera pans around the the crowd and people are fist pumping and jumping up and down to the track.

Rated one of the top DJs of DJmag.com’s Top DJs of 2014, the artist only gives his fans the best experience possible. Flashfinger just wrapped his first American tour stopping in multiple stops in Los Angeles, California, and Seattle, Washington, through his label Discovery Music Records this summer.

However, we recently saw him at KCON 2014, taking the stage by storm. Despite his busy schedule, fans were able to check him out through an interview he did on site at KCON 2014.

Take a look at Flashfinger’s epic music video below!