FNC Entertainment announces upcoming N Project #1

On April 20th, FNC Entertainment shared a mysterious image for an upcoming project called N Project #1, leaving fans in suspense and mystery.

The image consists of three large tiles that spell out JNJ. each with a date underneath. The N is lit up with a golden light as it reads “0421,” perhaps hinting that it will soon come alive. The two remaining letters will not be decoded until April 22nd and April 23rd respectively.

Although no further details are available on either FNC Entertainment’s Facebook nor the website itself, many fans have left their guesses as to what this poster could be hinting. Some suspect that the project will be a collaboration between two artists such as when CNBLUE’s Jonghyun released a track with Juniel as they pointed out the letters could be the artist’s initials with “J” possibly hinting AOA’s Jimin. Others deduced that with the flurry of comebacks and debuts, the N Project could be the long awaited Korean debut of N.Flying.

In addition, the agency launched a website for the upcoming release. The website loops an aggressive beat that fits the rugged look of the image teaser, seemingly giving credence to the theory of  the debut of rock band N.Flying.

Check out the mysterious photo here:

N PROJECT #1[from www.fncent.com/nproject]

Posted by FNC Entertainment on Sunday, April 19, 2015