FNC Entertainment to jump into the K-Drama industry

FNC Entertainment is to officially embark on their investment in the K-Drama industry, starting with the production of the upcoming youth drama series Who Are You – School 2015 for KBS 2TV.

Recently, FNC has shown the possibility for their success in the drama industry by earning a high viewer rate for KBS 2TV mini-series Thank You, Son in February. Just after two months of hiatus, FNC is swiftly back again with the production of Who Are You – School 2015. 

The teenage youth drama, which is a popular spin off of previous School series, follows the story of a twin sister’s twisted fate.

FNC is already well established in various fields, including their artist academy, album production, event coordination, management, and more. If FNC were to successfully launch its investment in drama business, then it would cement it as a comprehensive entertainment company.

Meanwhile, Who Are You – School 2015 is finishing off its casting and will begin filming soon!

Source: Xports News