Former Jewelry members reunite and show off their strong friendship…Where is Yewon?

Jewelry last generation members recently came together to show their support of one another, sharing their group photos on SNS.

Posted on July 3rd, former members Eunjung, Semi, and Ha Juyeon (formerly Baby J) took several friendly photos together.

The photos were uploaded on Juyeon’s Instagram, who wrote, “We came to see the musical ‘Going At The Speed of Light.’ Good job Ssemi~ I recommend this to anyone who loves baseball YO~ You’ll be impressed~ Everybody Let’s go.”

The last generation of Jewelry included Eunjung, Semi, Juyeon, and Yewon, who was unfortunately not included in the photos and looks seemingly absent.

Together, the four members revived the name of Jewelry and released tracks such as “Back It Up” and “Look At Me” (2012), and “Hot & Cold” in 2013 before disbanding in January 2015 after several of its members left Star Empire Entertainment due to their contract expiring and began focusing in other areas of entertainment such as acting.

Source: TV Report