Former SM, YG, and JYP Trainees Unite For The Ultimate Performance

Three Idol School contestants who were trainees at Korea’s top 3 entertainment companies came together for a subunit performance on the show’s latest episode. 

The three girls performed Girls’ Generation – TTS’s “Adrenaline” for the second group stage performances on Episode 5. 

Seo Herin was part of SM Entertainment‘s SM Rookies before joining Idol School and shocked viewers with her mature transformation.

Lee Seoyeon trained under YG Entertainment and has become a frontrunner on the show after the first group stage.

Park Jiwon, who competed in JYP Entertainment‘s survivals how SIXTEEN (which formed TWICE), impressed viewers with her powerful and stable vocals.

The former “Big 3” trainees have shown their close friendship in the past, even performing songs from their former agencies together.

All three girls put on a strong performance and are becoming favorites on the show. Watch their full cover below: