Former TOUCH member M.Joon teases for “Empty Words”

Former TOUCH leader M.Joon (formerly known as Han Jun) released an image teaser revealing that he will be making his solo debut with “Empty Words.”

The singer was captured in a black and white photo as he wore a striped suit with a solid colored tie as he was accessorized with earrings. In addition to his chic attire, the photo revealed the name of the song while the caption revealed that his upcoming song is self-composed. Following, the singer revealed an additional photo, which unveiled the release date for his song.

Meanwhile, M.Joon previously surprised fans as he released a cover and music video for 2NE1‘s “Come Back Home” in May of 2014. The music video not only revealed his ability as a vocalist, but as a dancer and a director as well.

The track is set to be released on January 14th.

Check out his image teasers below: