[★BREAKING] Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi to rejoin the group this year?

Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi has been rumored to be rejoining the girl group after the uncle of former member, Sunye, shared the information onto his personal SNS account along with a photo of himself and the artist.

On May 6th, a peculiar screen capture of a post on Sunye’s uncle, Min Won Ki‘s, personal SNS account surfaced on the web, begging the question of whether or not former member Sunmi would be rejoining the girl group after nearly five years of departure.

In the screen capture is a photo of Min and Sunmi with the caption in question, “This is Wonder Girls’ Sunmi. In the latter half of this year, Sunmi will be rejoining and making a comeback with the group.

However, with talks and rumors of Wonder Girls making a comeback in the near future, fans and netizens have been speculating that Sunmi may be joining the group in the upcoming album since Min Won Ki’s post was uploaded on March 28th, 2015. Fans speculate that the “latter half” spoken about in the caption would be referring to the group’s album which may be coming up in the next few months.

JYP Entertainment, on the other hand, has spoken to Bridge Economy that, “There were rumors going around the company about Sunmi rejoining [Wonder Girls], but nothing has been officially determined yet.

Sunmi debuted as one of the five original Wonder Girls member in 2007 and spent three years promoting their hit tracks such as “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, and “Nobody” before withdrawing from the group in 2010 to finish her academic studies as well as replenish her health.

Source: Bridge Economy