FTISLAND to pre-release Korean version of “To The Light”

After one year and four months of hiatus, FTISLAND will finally be releasing their fifth studio album I, Will.

After revealing the jacket image for the album yesterday, the group continues teasing fans for their upcoming activities back on stage as a band.

The band will be pre-releasing one of the new tracks tomorrow, which is the Korean version of “To The Light.” Late last year, FTISLAND received much attention with their Japanese version of “To The Light,” hence the decision to release the song in Korean. The release of the Japanese version showed great popularity, claiming the first place on numerous music charts in Japan and China.

According to FTISLAND’s homepage, a series of teasers will follow for the next few days, with the tracklist to be released on the 18th, a special teaser on the 20th, and finally the full music video on the 23rd.

“To The Light” will be released through music sites at noon tomorrow, on March 17th.

Source: OSEN and FTISLAND Homepage