FTISLAND on sasaeng fans: love them or hate them?

The topic of sasaeng fans has always been controversial, and the stories revealed by stars who are being chased by these fans are often shocking. Recently, popular band FTISLAND shared their experience with sasaeng fans.

On the April 2nd broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, FTISLAND’s vocalist Lee Hongki revealed that the band was bothered by sasaeng fans even back when they first debuted. He stated, “A lot of fans slept in front of our dorm, so we were too scared to go out.

Hongki also revealed that some fans even began randomly pressing on the password-lock, making them worry that the fans would figure out the password one day and barge into the dorm. As a result, they moved at least three to four times in a year to avoid the sasaeng fans.

Despite the inconvenience caused, however, Hongki added, “This isn’t really happening now. It seems like no one really recognizes us anymore,” causing everyone to laugh as he jokingly suggested that the lack of sasaeng fans could mean that their popularity has been decreasing.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND’s new 19+ rated reality show will begin its broadcast on April 7th!

Source: StarN