Fun facts that will clear up confusion for non-fans

Names of K-pop groups are often very confusing, and can be misleading for those who aren’t big fans of the group.

For example, many people believe that groups that have numbers in their names have the same amount of members as that number. However, many group names have deeper meanings, which can really confuse casual K-pop fans who are not part of the respective groups’ fandoms. Here are just a few fun facts that can clear up some confusion on group names:



4MINUTE does not consist of four members. (They actually have fve members). Their name means that they are a group that will capture their viewers’ attention in four minutes.

SEVENTEEN's "Mansae" MV / Pledis Entertainment

Although it may appear so because of such a large group, SEVENTEEN is not comprised of seventeen members. They actually only have thirteen members. Seventeen refers to their thirteen members + three subunits + one team, which equals seventeen.


9MUSES does not consist of nine members. They were originally nine members, but due to a lineup change, there are only eight members left.


EXID isn’t pronounced phonetically as “eks-i-d,” but rather as the individual letter “E.X.I.D.”


Also, EXID member LE‘s name isn’t LE. It’s just short for Elly.

April "Dream Candy"

DSP Media rookie group April didn’t debut in the month of April, is not composed of four members, and none of the members were born in April. The “A” in their name stands for top-level, and “pril” means lovely lady.



Boyfriend and G-Friend (Girlfriend) aren’t from the same company, nor are they related at all.

Source: Pann