Be FUNNY Studios teases upcoming collaboration with After School’s Nana, baby Yebin, Jeff Bernat and more!

After debuting their website in November with a collaboration video featuring 2NE1’s Dara and AMC’s Walking Dead Steven Yeun, Be FUNNY Studios have teased their next project featuring After School’s Nana, actor Yang Dong Geun, Jeff Bernat and baby Yebin and Rayul!

The company will be unleashing their first collaboration of 2015 soon with the skit titled “Girls at the Hoon-Ryun-So” in January 2015, revealing image teasers via their SNS accounts on December 23rd.

Nana is seen with her hands on Yang Dong Geun’s face, as the two couples gaze into each other’s eyes lovingly.

“Girls at the Hoon-Ryun-So” is a parody music drama to Jeff Bernat’s “Girl at the Coffee Shop.”

Be FUNNY Studios’ founder Chris S. Lee said, “Despite the cold weather, we were able to create a lot of interesting concepts and fun scenes. Global musicians and local stars were able to naturally complete the shooting harmoniously.”

Stay tuned to the upcoming collaboration on Koreaboo!

Source: X Sports News

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