f(x) receives a lot of love for first concert “Dimension 4” on Twitter

f(x) managed to unite their fans all over the globe after a hashtag dedicated for their concert appeared on Twitter’s trending topics. 

On January 29th, f(x) finally got the chance to host their own concert and performed live performances of some of their tracks for the first time, including hits such as, “4 Walls,” “NU ABO,” Electric Shock” and more. As the concert progressed, fans shared information and photos from Olympic Park, Olympic Hall in Seoul through the tag, “#Dimension4inSeoulDay1,” as a tribute to their concert title, Dimension 4 – Docking Station. 

With the support received globally online, the tag initially took over most the local trending lists across Asia before making waves around Twitter worldwide.

Meanwhile, f(x) also promised that as the concert ends their fans will be finally getting an official fan club name.

Dimension 4 – Docking Station will continue over the weekend.