[★VIDEO] f(x)’s Amber reviews wasabi Kit-Kats with Eat Your Kimchi

On November 29th, f(x)‘s Amber was featured on Eat Your Kimchi‘s video, Wonderful Treasure Find – Wasabi KitKat.According to the video caption, Amber was in Japan and saw something she wanted Simon and Martina (the hosts of Eat Your Kimchi) to do a Wonderful Treasure Find (WTF) video on. Amber said that on her way back from Japan, “I was buying like, my friends, like pastries, and like the nice things, and I just like sort of came across this, and I was like: Simon and Martina.”

To make things interesting, Martina proposed that the three of them do a traditional Kai Bai Bo showdown (rock-paper-scissors), with the loser having to try the candy first. Despite being the one who came up with the idea of a game, Martina ended up losing, and had to be the first to try the unusual treat. Simon and Amber sang the KitKat theme song (with a disclaimer that they were not sponsored or affiliated with the brand) before the three all gave the snack a try.

According to Simon, Wasabi KitKats are “sweet and creamy, but you can taste the encompassing peppery.” Amber’s description was also quite amusing: “They did a good job doing the wasabi part. It’s just that it tastes like an eraser”.

After the group finished tasting the KitKats, however, Simon and Martina brought out a candy of their own for the f(x) member to try: salmiakkis, or salted licorice, which they brought back from their European tour. The taste of it was so bad to Amber that the singer had to wash it down with a Wasabi KitKat.

The f(x) singer is currently planning her solo debut and recently released teased her fans through her Weibo account.

Check out the hilarious video below!