f(x)’s Krystal makes a hairstyle change in “My Lovely Girl”

Ever since the beginning of its broadcast last month, My Lovely Girl has generated a lot of talk among the viewers, and the latest hot topic for this drama belongs to Krystal’s hairstyle change!

On October 18th’s episode of My Lovely Girl, Sena, the protagonist of the drama as played by Krystal, changed her hair to a slicked-back style, which has generated a lot of buzz amongst the viewers.

Krystal’s hairstyles have changed dramatically over the years,  from bleached blonde to jet black, and from combed-back hair to bobbed hair. With the confirmation of the drama, Krystal initially changed her hairstyle with a full fringe. However, with the latest episode, she brought back her usual hairstyle, attracting the attention of the audience as they speculate on a possible plot change with her transformation.

Meanwhile, on the latest episode of My Lovely Girl, Sena and Hyunwook (played by Rain) relationship seems to have taken a step forward, arousing the audience to wonder what will happen next.

Source: OSEN

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