f(x)’s Luna received texts from IU and Lee Soo Man for her “King of Masked Singer” appearance

f(x)‘s Luna reveals to have received a text message from SM Entertainment‘s CEO Lee Soo Man just after the airing of her last appearance on MBC‘s King of Masked Singer. 

On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Luna talked about her recent wins on popular music survival program, King of Masked Singer. As the Gold Lacquer competitor, the idol star earned the first two consecutive trophies, surprising everyone on the show.

Luna revealed, “Singer IU was the first person to contact me after my airing. Despite the anonymous singing, IU texted me that my singing has improved a lot.” Additionally, she mentioned, “Our agency’s CEO also sent me a congratulatory message after the show,” and officially thanked CEO Lee for sending her the message.

Radio Star airs every Wednesday evening at 11:15 PM (KST) on MBC. In the meantime, check out the netizens’ comments on the article:

1. [+3,092, -69] Feels like she’ll be getting a solo release soon ㅋㅋ SM needs to support her to broaden her genre spectrum, she can’t be singing songs like Nu ABO and La Cha Ta forever

2. [+1,818, -31] Please give us a solo release!!!

3. [+1,654, -34] I really like her voice ㅠㅠ please give us a solo

4. [+1,558, -33] She’s gotten so much prettier, her hair suits her well

5. [+154, -4] So sad she was eliminated, I wanted to hear more from the golden mask

Source: MyDaily