f(x)’s Luna sings “Don’t Cry For Me” through solo ballad release

After a successful run on King of Masked Singer, f(x)’s Luna released a sad, ballad track, “Don’t Cry For Me.” 

On May 11th, Luna released the special single “Don’t Cry For Me” to thank the fans and viewers who supported her during her run in the King of Masked Singer.

On the latest episode which aired on May 10th, Luna was unable to make it unto the next round after performing a moving rendition of “Used Two Buckets.” Despite the loss, she was inevitably unmasked from her hidden identity, which was a high topic amongst netizens during the past few weeks after being known for her powerful, high vocals.

“Don’t Cry For Me” is a remake track of a 1986 original from singer Lee Eun Ha.